Engineering Design

Engineering Design

Engineering Design group is classified into vehicle body structure design, exterior and interior parts functional design, electrical system design as well as chassis system design and engine design.

Body Design Group

Body Design Group designs vehicle body structure and components including cargo box, cabin, engine room and hood. To design body parts, we concern about strength, durability as well as safety of the passengers and pedestrians..

Interior Design Group

Interior Design Group develops inner cabin parts including utility parts such as passenger seats, console, glove compartments as well as carpet. To develop interior parts, we concern about safety, ergonomics, noise in cabin and aesthetic.

Exterior Design Group

Exterior Design Group is accountable for outer cabin parts designing with safety of passenger and pedestrian as primary concern. The parts include bumper, grilles, windshield, spoiler, headlamp, rear combination lamp as well as windshield wiper.

Body Closure Design group

Body Closure Design group responsibility covers door and related components design and development such as door seal, windows and side mirrors. We design by paying attention to the utility and the leakage of water, dust and noise. We also do concern about safety of passenger.

LCV Chassis Design Group

LCV Chassis Design Group develops all load bearing components which bear load from vehicle body, engine and transmission. The group also designs and develops several components which enhance drivability namely, frame, suspension, control arms, knuckle, hub, coil spring, shock absorber, stabilizer, steering system, fuel system, piping system, mounting system, rear axle system as well as wheels, tires and automatic transmission gear lever.

Electric Design

Electric Design Department is responsible for electrical parts design such as wire harness, gauge, electrical circuit, battery, switch, air conditioner as well audio system. (Except headlamp and rear combination lamp)

Engine Design

The work scope of Engine Design Group includes engine research and development supporting as well as engine testing.

16 February 2021

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