Our business covers each single scope of vehicle research and development including:

+Product Planning

  Our Product Planning team systematically plans our pick-up and PPV development processes, tunes up specification and ensures that the outputs of all design teams meet the criteria and timeline. The Product Planning team also cooperates with our customers and our business alliance.

+Industrial Design

  Parts and whole vehicle styling, coloring and clay modeling are the description of tasks of Industrial Design group.

+Engineering Design

  Engineering Design group is classified into vehicle body structure design, exterior and interior parts functional design, electrical system design as well as chassis system design and engine design.

+CAE Analysis

  CAE(Computer-aided Engineering) is defined as using computer software for analysis of vehicles Safety/Strength/Durability and so on. It’s help engineer to reduce product development cost and time while improving performance of the vehicles.

+Prototype Work

  Prototype division is responsible for prototypical parts preparation, assembly and modification as well as worldwide parts shipping.


Validation and Experiment Work

  The work scope of Validation and Experiment Group includes durability testing, stress and force measurement, cab and body experiment, handling and ride comfort evaluation, also performance and fuel economy validation.

26 October 2015

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